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Enrollment Information


Enrollment Process During Distance Learning:

Please call the school at 916-395-5000 to speak with someone about enrollment.  Be prepared to answer general questions regarding your student such as name, grade, current credits earned, and current/previous school attended.  You will then be asked to come to the school site to fill out standard paperwork.  To avoid delay, please bring the following documents:

American Legion School Site Council And ELAC


The American Legion School Site Council convenes every month, on the third Thursday of the month, at 3:00 PM.  The Council consists of various school staff, including Administration, members of the Office staff, and Teachers.  Also included are different community members from around the Oak Park area, like Hope Tech.  

Report an Absence


All absences submitted will be verified by our office staff. If you would like to request homework, please email your teacher directly.